Space Madness Episode Guide

Space Madness! Every episode ever written about the misadventures of Captain Paps can be found here.

Episode I: The Captain Needs his Pills

Episode II: The Captain’s Crazy Alien Mission

Episode III: Alien Naming Rights

Episode IV: Translation Difficulties

Episode V: Remote Control Alien Captivity

Episode VI: Uncertain Memories

Episode VII: There is no Difference Between Space Madness and Love

Episode VIII: Welcome to Orion’s Lobby

Episode IX: Space Psychiatry

Episode X: What Do We Do With The Crazy Captain?

Episode XI: The Worst Planetary Defense Plan Ever

Episode XII: The Captain Picks a Crew

Episode XIII: Orion’s Belt of Bravery

Episode XIV: Zeno’s Mission to Nowhere

Episode XV: Science is Tedious

Episode XVI: The Waiting is the Hardest Part

Episode XVII: The Progress Bar

Episode XVIII: The Blip

Episode XIX: Recycling

Episode XX: Punctuated Equilibrium

Episode XXI: While You Were Out

Episode XXII: Retirement

Episode XXIII: The Largest Zoo In the Universe


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