blogging is hard

It’s not so much that blogging is difficult, but I think I need to get into the mindset of posting on a regular basis. A routine is what I need. Sometimes I feel that life is a constant struggle against procrastination, and there is no better illustration of that than having a blog left bare for months at a time. Look at me now, I’m making a New Year’s resolution at the end of March! I will start posting stuff here on a regular basis! As to whether anybody reads it or not is another story. I think I would like it better if a lot of people read it but I somehow was oblivious to that fact.

For anyone who is reading this and would like to comment, feel free. I have the spam filter set on high so the comments have to be personally approved by me in order to make it through. The tone of the posts will be oriented toward my views on math, science, engineering, education, and incredibly bad movies. Sorry, but I have a weird fetish for horrible movies, particularly ones with terrible special effects. I will return soon with another post, a nice little parable about me learning to play the guitar.

One of these days I’ll create a proper ending to these posts, but for now I’ll just say – I’m gonna make like a tree and get outta here!


One Response to “blogging is hard”

  1. I started posting most days in a week, then relented and resolved to do it every five days. Then I realized I didn’t have a life outside of blogging, so I resolved again to do it regularly, every Wednesday. I have been able to keep this resolution and still have a life.

    As for horrible movies, I have heard you recommend “Snakes on a Plane,” but have have not succumbed. Am I depriving myself of a significant experience? I can recommend “Lair of the White Worm” and, of course, “Amazon Women on the Moon.” I saw “Eraser Head” many years ago and it is quite weird and horrible. I might even try to see it again, someday…

    As for endings to a blog, or anything, I will never be able to remove from my brain the radio sign-off of Bob and Ray: “Write if you get work, and… hang by your thumbs.”

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