My first post

This is my official first post.

Do you like it?

I will use this blog to post interesting thoughts about math, physics, electrical engineering, and anything else that comes to mind.  I hope to get all of my students involved so they can have fun with all of these topics.  As is the case with all other blogs I have ever read, I reserve the right to go on a philosophical rant every once in a while, and perhaps even rant about a few other things.  Enjoy the blog, whoever might be reading this!


3 Responses to “My first post”

  1. I popped your Blog!

  2. Ok, why is that aliens (from outer space, not the south of the boarder kind) are often stereo typed as having green skin? We often refer to them as “little green men”. Some can also explain why they are “little” but I am looking for a good scientific explaination for why they are green.

    On a similar topic, why don’t we see any green stars?

  3. Oh, I forgot to mention that YES I like you blog! You have a cool title too.

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